Dohee Kim – Blog #4 (Final Portfolio #1)

As we are getting close to our final week, we’ve started our very last project: final portfolio. My project has been initiated, but I still have a lot of work to do. I started out by creating a wordpress account and creating my website, as it said to on the How-to instructions. I named my website “doheekimmediacmp1400fall2015”, and chose a theme for my website. The Lynda tutorials were really useful for building up my website, since it showed me how to create and publish a new post, add images, select and change themes, and so on. After setting up my website, I started choosing photos for the portfolios and thinking about what to talk about those photos.

One of the difficulties I faced so far was choosing photos for my final portfolios. To me, all of my photos looked good, so it was hard for me to choose the best one. Also, it was hard to find a photo that I can actually talk about, since most of my pictures were taken spontaneously, meaning that I wasn’t thinking deeply enough when I was taking the photos. I was too focused on capturing the moments that I was not thinking about the true meaning of the photos and how others would perceive the photos when they first saw them. But now that I see my photos again, I will retrace the memories of when I was taking my photos, and try to think about why I took those photos, and what I think about those photos. This project pretty much wraps up the entire semester so far; we look back at our progresses and get to share them with our peers.