Blog Post #4 Final Project Entry #1 Regan Bervar

The Final project for me is coming along okay. Not gonna lie, I did not work on it over break but it was really helpful when we worked on it in class. I am not too familiar with wordpress for what we are doing but I have used it before, just not the way that we are using it in class. I think for me, it is most productive to get it done and work on it in class because the computer I have at home is very untrustworthy and slow and also it is nice to get immediate help and instructions in class. I think it’s super cool that we have time to work on it in recitation this week because that is a solid period of time to crank it out. Some of the concepts and topics were confusing but I got most of them cleared up by Rebecca. I got my first post done in class and I found it hard to relate my photos to topics in class because we didn’t take the photos based on the in class topics but on the photo-a-day topics. Also, I’m a little confused because I started with the first post but as I keep posting the first post goes to the very bottom and so the last post that I do will be the first one.