BLOG POST #4 – Evan Rosen

For my final project portfolio I have made some progress but not as much progress as I would like to have made by this point. I decided for my intro that the best picture from my self-portrait week is the picture of me DJing on the field, it took me around 30 minutes to make the final decision because I wanted to make sure that I picked the perfect picture that best represents me as a person. I had a little bit of difficulty on relating my three photos to key critical themes because I had a hard time deciphering what exactly these key themes are. I have gotten to the page where we are supposed to show six photos showing how our “eye” changed, I actually enjoyed doing this a lot because I was actually able to tell in ways how my photography got better and different attributes to how it actually got worse! I am having lots of difficulty creating the website and laying it out because honestly, I am very nervous and I know that you and Mr. Young are expecting a lot from us! This assignment is connected to our class because we are literally going through every part of the class from this semester, choosing our best work and explaining it through a website, and a presentation. We are going through photo-a-days, how-to vine videos, our locative media projects, and our views on old media and new media and how they are very similar to one another.