Luke Davis Blog #5 part 2 The Final Portfolio

The Final Portfolio is finally done, but I wanted to take the time to reflect on the final product. I was very happy with how the website turned out. It had all the information I learned over the course of the semester. I really like the idea of the final portfolio because I can look […]

Blog Post #5 – Jessica Rae

We just finished up our Final Portfolio project presentations and I think it went very well! My website had a nice design to it and the content was solid. The hardest part about creating the content was picking some key critical themes for my photos and final response, but I went with an overarching theme […]

Blog post #5 – Evan Rosen

The final portfolio, now being done with it was probably my favorite assignment. I enjoyed many things about it, I really had to think about every assignment we did this year and somehow connect our photo-a-days to readings. I enjoyed doing this because it really made my brain open up and think deeper than I […]

Will McClure – Final Blog Post #5

Ah, the final blog post of the semester. I’ve had a lot of fun in this class, especially creating my how to vine, my locative media app, and my final portfolio. My finished portfolio took somewhere between 10-12 hours to create in total, and Im really proud of it. Its fun seeing all of my […]

Blog post #4 locative media – Dylan James

My locative media project turned out really well I think all of the clips are very clean clear audio, and they sound really good considering I recorded using the iPad. However when both me and when Dohee tested the app there was one area which did not seem to work. Although this area worked on the […]

reading response #5 – Dylan James

Why are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking, This is the reading which we are doing currently. it covers ethical issues with documentary filmmaking specifically highlighting problems with film makers bending the truth in order to put across there views and opinions. This is a massive ethical issue as many of the people who get misrepresented when […]

Lilly Moorefield Blog #5

Our final project for this course is to make our own portfolio using WordPress in order to show off all the projects we have completed this semester in CMDP 1400. I was not so intimidated by the idea of the project, because I had to complete something similar to this for the final project for […]

Dohee Kim – Blog #5 (Final Project Entry #2)

I am currently in the midst of working on our very last project, final portfolio. So far, I’ve picked several photos for the project, and I also came up with some ideas for the explanation of each photo. I also have been trying out various things to my WordPress blog; I tried changing themes few times, […]

BLOG POST #4 – Evan Rosen

For my final project portfolio I have made some progress but not as much progress as I would like to have made by this point. I decided for my intro that the best picture from my self-portrait week is the picture of me DJing on the field, it took me around 30 minutes to make […]

Blog Post #5 – Regan Bervar

I haven’t done much more work on my final project since my last blog post on Monday but it helped to have a whole class dedicated to throroughly clearing up any questions and issues. I am a little confused about how Professor Young wants us to make each post and topic. He said that he […]