Blog Post #3

The locative media project was hard for me because I wasn’t sure what we were supposed to be taking audio of. I get that it needs to be something related to the place that I was taking the audio clips in but I found it confusing and it took me a while to think of […]

Kimberly Coffin’s Blog #4

In class this week we were assigned a locative media project. After a few examples and many explanations I am able to say that this project is like a museum audio tour. The only difference is that it has a video as well. You are able to listen to what the person has to say […]

Dohee Kim – Blog #3

This week we had to work on our Locative Media project, and I’ve had several problems during the process. We had to create 4 soundtracks this week, two of them being speaking and descriptive voice and the other two being ambient. However, I had problems creating the soundtracks; I had hard time coming up with […]

Pedro Bachrach Blog Post #3

This week we have been working on our locative media projects. I originally thought the recording of audio would be the hardest aspect of the assignment, but I have found that the recording process and working with the sound tools we have was the simplest and most intuitive piece to this assignment. Having dealt with […]

Blog #3 – Evan Rosen

Locative Media I have made some progress with this assignment. I have a little idea of what I want to do, but I am still very confused on what exactly is supposed to be done for this assignment. I say this because there are instructions on what to do but there are not instructions on […]

Blog #3 Location Media

The Location Media was my favorite project of the semester. I really wanting to do something story related in my free time and I thought of a really creative way to tell a story with the different location in this project. The idea came up when I was in my Masterpieces in English literature Class […]

Will McClure – Blog Post #3: Locative Media Project

The locative media project’s audio files are due this week, and I almost have them done 🙂 Im having a lot of trouble thinking of vocal tracks to do.. but I’m sure Ill get there. Im an avid music producer so, for me, making the atmospheric audio files was pretty fun. The ambient style of […]