Kimberly Coffin’s – Locative Media Bonus Blog

Since I have started the Locative Media Project, I have experienced a lot of ups and downs. This project overall had been extremely difficult for me considering what we are doing is not focusing on my strengths. I have never created an app before, so I have not done anything that involved code. Code was […]

Kimberly Coffin Reading Response #4

In “Urban Mobility and Cinematic Visually” by Anne Friedberg, she talks about the relation of architecture and screens. Friedberg shows interest in screens such as TV Screens or any “virtual Window”. She discusses how these “virtual windows” are changing built space. They show a three dimensional space in a flat screen. They also drastically change […]

Will McClure — Reading Response #4

Henry Logwood’s Warcraft Adventures This reading starts with a summarization of the final match of the 2004 world cyber games held in San Francisco. World of Warcraft was a turn based strategy game, and people at the 2004 games were baffled by an amazing win from one of the players. Through instant replays and reviews […]

Dohee Kim – Reading Response #4

In Peter Lunenfeld’s essay “The Real and Ideal and Unfinished Business”, he talks about virtual realism and the ideal of the digital and the real of its production such as digital movies, CD-ROMs, hypertexts, Web sites, and intelligent architectures. There were three parts of the essay: “Unfinished Spaces”, “Unfinished Stories”, and “Unfinished Time”. In the […]

Regan Bervar Reading Response #4

In Lowood’s reading it was kind of complicated for me to explain but i found his topic of World of Warcraft interesting and his focus on machinima in a game-based storyworld. He talks about the use of ‘cut-scenes’ to help establish the strong story lines. With the use of these cut-scenes, time seems to become […]

Pedro Bachrach Reading Response #4

This week I read Micheal Longford’s article Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences. While I did agree with a few points that he made, for the most part, I found the article to take itself a little too seriously. The reading is worded in a way, full of big, obscure statements such as “a […]

Blog post #3 locative media – Dylan James

I was really kind of confused at first as to what we were doing for the locative media project. Actually it really wasn’t until I had the finished product that I felt I had any idea what I was doing, but in the end it turned out great. I had a lot of fun recording […]

Pedro Bachrach Blog Post #4

The locative media project took me a while to figure out, but once I understood the idea and what the finished assignment would be, I became very interested. At first, especially since I missed the introductory class, I had trouble visualizing what the finished product would be, and was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of […]

Dohee Kim – Blog #4

Since Professor Young was kind enough to move back the due date for the Locative Media project, we had extra time this week to work on our project; however, I was still struggling with the project in some ways. First of all, even though I found most of the soundtracks I needed for my project, I had […]

Blog Post #4 Will McClure

Blog post number 4 is a progress update on my locative media project. I have my project done, and my location is the art building quad right next to the big parking structure outside of the UMC. Ive tested my app and it works pretty well! Ive spent a good amount of time working on […]