Luke Davis Reading Response #4

Territory as Interface Reading Response

Media and Location go hand in hand. It is very important where we are when we look at media. Michael Longford’s Territory as Interface is a research analysis paper about the MDCN. The MDCN analyzes the relationship between human beings, urban and wilderness settings, and mobile technologies. The article talks about when we think of think about time and space we must also consider the interface of these technologies and how interaction design will be a important part of the liberal arts of the 21st Century. Then it gets weird and talks about how communication with our phones is a sixth sense and that we could use it to contact the afterlife. Now I took this as very weird and outlandish, but what he is saying is still true. Our interactions with our phones is an extension of ourselves. This is relevant to the course because of our recent project. The location media project is revolved around teaching us about space when thinking about media. So in my project, I decided to use my app as a recorded message but the spaces I pick were specific to tell the story I wanted to tell, which goes along with what Territory as an Interface is talking about. Even though my interface was simple. It could have benefited from a better interface. I imagine my project could have been even better with a more welcoming interface. One that is easy to navigate and that is what the article is trying to say.