Kimberly Coffin’s Blog #5

This project that I will be writing about today is our final project. This project is to create a website using WordPress, the same website that I am using to publish this blog. We are supposed to customize the website and use pictures from our photo-a-day project. Some successes that I am having with this project is choosing some pictures from my photo-a-day project. I enjoyed looking back at my pictures and choosing out some of my favorites to incorporate in my website. I also, really enjoyed messing around with different layouts and designs to see what I liked the best for my project. I enjoyed seeing what looks best with my pictures. My favorite part of this project so far would most definitely have to be designing the layout of my website. I believe that it is very important for a website to look great in order for someone to enjoy it, so that is why I am spending so much time on how it looks. One part of the project that I have had difficulties with so far has been figuring out how to set up the website. It was hard for me to figure out how to do the function I wanted. I spent some time messing around with WordPress and then I understood it better. This project relates to this class because by making a website, it is teaching us how to produce and distribute media content. It also allows us to practice and excel at multiple different media platforms.