Dohee Kim – Bonus Photo-A-Day Blog

This week’s photo-a-day theme was “people panorama”, and we were supposed to select different public spaces that are not on campus with a number of people and shoot panorama shots. I have made a considerable amount of progress so far, meaning that I have taken quite a lot of pictures. However, due to my workload, I was unable to leave the campus for this assignment. Thus, I tried to be creative and decided to take the pictures at Will Vill since it’s considered “off campus”. I tried to find places that had many people, and decided to take my pictures at the soccer field, gym, bus stop, and some other places. It was interesting to see how people in public spaces act so differently. Another thing that surprised me was that most of the people in public spaces were on their phones or laptops. This shows that this assignment relates to our course because it demonstrates how people are connected to and consume media 24/7. Like I mentioned before, the hardship I faced was finding places that were not on campus. Also, taking panorama pictures was a bit tricky since you have to move the camera slowly or the picture will end up all wavy and blurry. I normally don’t take panorama pictures that much, so this was a refreshing experience. Now that I know how awesome panorama pictures can turn out, I would love to take more panorama pictures in the future.