Will McClure – Blog Post #3: Locative Media Project

The locative media project’s audio files are due this week, and I almost have them done 🙂 Im having a lot of trouble thinking of vocal tracks to do.. but I’m sure Ill get there. Im an avid music producer so, for me, making the atmospheric audio files was pretty fun. The ambient style of music I chose to make is very different from what I usually make, but I really think it will match the style of my location. As for a location, Im pretty sure I have it all mapped out, but I won’t really know until I apply the music and trouble shoot the GPS locations. Im excited about this project because it is very similar to the career I would like to partake in, audio engineering/production. Im excited to hear other peoples projects, I think this is a very talented class and the projects should turn out really well. The project is very well suited for this course. Being a course that delves into different types of media cultures and production, as well as new forms of media all together, the locative media project is exactly something that I would expect to come out of a class such as this one. I can’t wait to jump into the actual app, and get my GPS locked down 🙂