Pedro Bachrach Blog Post #3

This week we have been working on our locative media projects. I originally thought the recording of audio would be the hardest aspect of the assignment, but I have found that the recording process and working with the sound tools we have was the simplest and most intuitive piece to this assignment. Having dealt with sound problems while filming in the past, I figured my recordings would be difficult to isolate and would be layered with background noise; what I found though was a very easy process to learn and perfect on my own.

The task I found hardest about this project was the creative aspect, and coming up with and choosing sounds that would both be easy to capture, as well as clear to understand and feel the location where the media was recorded. I found that sounds like pressing vending machine buttons or footsteps were easy to hear, yet they didn’t exactly paint a clear picture of the location of the recording. Subsequently, I found that sounds like flowing water or rainfall were good at painting the picture and expressing location, but were substantially harder to record than the clear audio clips of something like a button being pressed, due to both a generally quieter source as well as much more background interference.