Kimberly Coffin’s Blog #4

In class this week we were assigned a locative media project. After a few examples and many explanations I am able to say that this project is like a museum audio tour. The only difference is that it has a video as well. You are able to listen to what the person has to say and see what they see when they walk through their environment. At the start of this project I was extremely unsure as to what the final project was supposed to look like. I did not completely understand what exactly we were supposed to do. Then in class we watched a portion of another locative media project created by someone else and that gave me a better idea of what the project should be. After the video I still didn’t know what make my project about. I knew that that I wanted the project to be personal to me but also be funny for whom ever has to test my app out. I then came up with the idea of making it a parody of the “Neature Walk” video of Youtube and call it, “Kittredge Walk”. After coming up with this idea, I became more excited for this project. The biggest difficulty I experienced through this project is getting a good idea of what this project should look like in the end and what I was going to do for it. With this difficulty though came my greatest success, my idea. I am extremely excited about my idea and am anxious to see the final product. This project relates to the course material because it incorporates different forms of media and how it can be impacting to our lives. This project, along a with all the other projects in this class have helped me gain a better grasp of different social media outlets.