Dohee Kim – Blog #4

Since Professor Young was kind enough to move back the due date for the Locative Media project, we had extra time this week to work on our project; however, I was still struggling with the project in some ways. First of all, even though I found most of the soundtracks I needed for my project, I had a difficult time deciding what to record since we were supposed to create 4 soundtracks this week, two of them being speaking and descriptive voice and the other two being ambient. At first, I tried recording myself singing, but that did not work out so well, then I tried recording myself reading a poem that I’ve made. Also, I struggled a lot while generating my app using the appfurnace; I kept getting the codes wrong even though the only thing I had to do was to literally copy down the codes that were on the tutorial. I also had trouble setting up the locations because I wanted to make sure the location was separated in equal portions. Trying to match my soundtracks with those locations were a bit hard as well because some of them just did not go well together.

I have not tried my partner’s Locative Media app yet, but I’m really looking forward to trying it out. I’m still in a process of finishing my app, but I am planning to finalize it before this Friday, so my partner has enough time to try out my app.