Dohee Kim – Blog #3

This week we had to work on our Locative Media project, and I’ve had several problems during the process. We had to create 4 soundtracks this week, two of them being speaking and descriptive voice and the other two being ambient. However, I had problems creating the soundtracks; I had hard time coming up with unique melodies that would catch other people’s attention, and I also had hard time thinking which type of music would match the location I chose: Muenzinger bus stop. I chose Muenzinger bus stop as my location for the project because that is where a lot of people pass by and therefore many things happen at the same time. For example, at the bus stop, there are people rushing so I would insert a fast soundtrack which will match the scene perfectly. Also, I could insert a slow music for the bench area at the bus stop since people waiting over there usually take their time and relax while sitting. Another struggle I faced while creating soundtracks was that I had no idea what to say for my descriptive voice soundtracks. It was really awkward to hear my voice after recording. Also, it was really hard to keep up the pace with the music and as a result my recording and music sounded off beat when they were supposed to line up perfectly.