Blog Post #4 Will McClure

Blog post number 4 is a progress update on my locative media project. I have my project done, and my location is the art building quad right next to the big parking structure outside of the UMC. Ive tested my app and it works pretty well! Ive spent a good amount of time working on the code for my app to do some specific things that i wanted it to do, and it gets the job done! I have not reviewed my partners app yet. I plan on contacting him this weekend and doing just that. The hardest part about this project was getting the actual app to work and making sure all the code was right… Im glad I’m getting this experience in code because who knows where this degree will take me 🙂 Im really excited to see how my partners app turned out. The most challenging thing about getting his app to work will be finding the right areas to play the music!! My own app, having designed it myself was obviously easy to try and find the areas, but even then the zones weren’t exact. I think it would be cool to make an entire playlist on one of my walks to class, keep adding to it, and eventually have a playlist everywhere on campus that i could easily change or add to in app. codes codes codes,maybe out of the realm of the app furnace… maybe not.