Blog Post #3

The locative media project was hard for me because I wasn’t sure what we were supposed to be taking audio of. I get that it needs to be something related to the place that I was taking the audio clips in but I found it confusing and it took me a while to think of things to say for the dialogue parts. I found myself just talking and it was hard because I was just talking to myself and had no one to share a conversation with. It was also difficult that the place had to be on campus because it limited my options. So far right now, I have the 4 audio clips that we were supposed to have for tomorrow (Thursday) but not quite sure if they were what you were looking for. I really liked recording the sounds or the other two audio clips that weren’t dialogue because I got some cool rain sounds and jumped around in some leaves which I thought sounded pretty cool and related to the place that I did for this assignment.

This project relates to the course because we are learning about media and how it relates to places and location. When we take a picture we want to put a name or place on it so that we can identify with that picture. We looked at the app in class (blanking on the name) that let people broadcast live where they were and talk and interact with people who messaged them which relates to this project because it is placing media with a specific place.