Blog #3 – Evan Rosen

Locative Media
I have made some progress with this assignment. I have a little idea of what I want to do, but I am still very confused on what exactly is supposed to be done for this assignment. I say this because there are instructions on what to do but there are not instructions on what is being looked for in this assignment. I have made progress with my sound clips by creating them at home because I create beats and I love making new sounds, but again I’m not exactly sure what is being looked for. I have had many difficulties trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing so I kind of have been doing random things hoping it will come together! I have also had difficulties in the past week trying to find the perfect place for this assignment. I was thinking that near the C4C would be a good place, but I also feel as if the middle of Farrand field would be successful as well. I can relate this project to the course because everything that is involved with this assignment is related to media! We are using Garage Band in this assignment which is something we discussed in class. For this assignment we have to make sure we save it under the correct file so it works. We are supposed to save the audio clips as an m4a instead of the regular MP3 which also has been discussed in class numerous times!