Reading Response #3 – Regan Bervar

Erickson talks about the documentary with ephemeral media and curation practices in online social spaces meaning that new online social venues are starting to establish new practices allover. He brings up the idea of sociolcative which is the practice that combines data about a physical location with a virtual social act. Sociolocative broadcasting practices blend the broadcaster with the time and place and the audience. This relates to the idea of curated narratives where documentaries are about a place and only a place and do not include anything about the author of the documentary. This goes against sociolocative because Erickson claims that we have three desires when it comes to media that our brains want to find; 1. The desire to link place with identity 2. The desire to be a citizen broadcaster 3. The desire to create a lasting documentary of a place before it shifts or changes in the moment.

This is relevant to our course because it shows how documentary projects are being used in relation with space and location. With the introduction of the geo tag on instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. we are able to locate ourselves with our picture almost anywhere. Personally, I relate to Erickson’s three points in the sense that when I take a photo that I like I like to share it in the moment of its beauty that I captured it in and the photo is not only about me and how I took the picture but the place that I took it is always important and I like knowing where pictures were taken so that i can imagine and picture it myself.