Reading Response #3 by Evan Rosen

Reading Response #3

I did my third reading response on an article called “Picture This” by Lise Gye. The article focuses on the role camera phones play on people who have  photographic practices. Gye quickly runs over the social uses of personal photography, and then goes on to talk about creating and maintaining social relationships. She talks about how people send photos, where photos are put around a house and how they can be shared socially. One of the many impacts Gye talks about is the impact camera phones have on people, and how they help construct personal and group memory. The fact that humans tend to carry their mobile phones wherever they go means there a big opportunity for photographs to be taken. Gye finishes the article by saying camera phones are going to improve the way we look at the world photographically. I can relate this article to class because in class we discuss phones all the time! We discussed how they help distance a child from his or her parent and how that can make parents sad. We also discuss the importance of camera phones to our generation. I can personally relate to this because I really do bring my phone wherever I go. I also love to take pictures because memories last forever. I make sure whenever I go to music festivals that my phone is always charged to 100%. Sometimes I will even bring a charger. I need my phone fully charged because I make sure to take videos so that I can remember all of it. If you go to a music festival or even sports games, the majority of the people who are going, are going to be holding there camera phones up so that they to can have a great memory of whatever they were doing!