Pedro Bachrach Reading Response #3

I agreed with a few points in Alan Albarran’s article, What Happened to Our Audience, but for the most part disagreed with some of his conclusions as a result of his study of people’s radio vs. mp3 listening habits. I agree with Albarran’s statement that the majority of people consider radio as their preferred second listening choice, yet there are still some people who will prefer silence than the radio. The other idea I agree with is that commercials play a huge part in the decision. Why would people put up with obnoxious radio advertisements to listen to someone else music when they can hear their own? The radio will always hold the “backup” position, as everyone gets tired of their own music after a while.

I do not agree with his emphasis on variety being a big factor in peoples decision. While I agree that it may play some part in peoples decision, for the most part, choice is the biggest factor, and phones offer the most choice possible. It may be true that the music on the radio lacks variety, but being able to choose what you want to listen to rather than letting the radio decide is the main reason why people prefer to listen to their own music over listening to the radio. The decision of radio vs. mp3 will always go to the mp3 because it provides everything the radio has and more.