Dohee Kim – Reading Response #3

In Lisa Gye’s article “Picture This”, she talks about the impact of mobile camera phones. As camera phones improve and become more accessible, people take pictures more often in their daily lives. During the article, Gye explains how people these days take pictures and share them with other people to not only capture the memory but also “to create and maintain social relationships.” People reinforce their connections to others by sharing photos they have taken; when people are sharing their stories, they often use their photos as an aid for detailed and interesting storytelling, and that helps people to construct and maintain personal relationships. There are various ways people share their photographs such as sending them through email, framing the photographs for display purposes, and uploading photographs on photosharing websites.

This article is relevant to our course since we take pictures everyday for our photo-a-day assignment. We capture the moments of our lives and share them on Instagram and Flickr so other people can view our daily lives. In addition, we have a discussion about our peers’ photos in the recitation class; by doing this we connect ourselves to others by trying to analyze the photos.

I am glad that I am living in a century where camera phones are highly accessible and are constantly improving as more people take pictures. I personally love taking pictures and uploading them on my Instagram. I really enjoy getting likes from my followers/friends and reading comments they have written on my picture since it shows their interest in what’s going on in my life. I strongly agree with Gye’s statement that people create and maintain their social relationships through sharing their photos because that is mainly how I maintain my relationships.