This week I read an excerpt from chapter 6 of William J. Mitchell’s book, The Digital Dialect. Mitchell describes Cyberspace and everything that has to do with it. Mitchell then goes on to describe the next section of the chapter and calls it “Worlds of Words”, Mitchell discusses chat rooms and all the different types of chat rooms that there are. Mitchell continues on and describes MUD’S and a MOO. MUD’s are Multi User Domains and a MOO is a MUD object oriented thing. Mitchell then talks about the World Wide Web! He describes it as a continuously growing and changing structure. Mitchell then describes habitat and how you could create your own avatars to represent yourself in any way you wanted to. Mitchell goes on to talk about 3D shared spaces and gets into VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language), and how it was a component to HTML. All of this is related to media, especially the chat rooms, everybody in there life has somehow been in a chat room! We talked in our last class about chatrooms and how they are in the middle of cyberspace. I have personally been in many chatrooms from Facebook, throwing it all the way back to myspace and now with apps such as tinder there are really chat rooms everywhere. I have been in a group chat on a application called “groupme”. There were some choice words said that didn’t sit well with myself and the others in the groupme chat. If anybody else saw it would have been bad. It scares me that conversations just like that are just sitting in cyberspace waiting to be found by a random person!