Dohee Kim – Reading Response #2

This week I read Evgeny Morozov’s article “The Death of the Cyberflaneur”. In this article, he talks about how cyberflaneurs are no longer able to exist. Nowadays people see the Internet as a place for getting things done rather than for “strolling” because they can easily have access to mobile applications. Morozov specifically talks about Google and Facebook since they are the major factors that have made the cyberflaneurs disappear; Google organizes all of the world’s information and therefore people can easily get information without even visiting any other sites. In addition, Facebook has been encouraging its users to share everything they do, such as listening to music, reading articles, and watching videos. The Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman says, “The art that the flaneur masters is that of seeing without being caught looking”, which literally means that the flaneur prefers to stay anonymous. Therefore, Facebook supporting “everything to be social” is making cyberlaneurs disappear even more.

This article is relevant to the course because it shows how media is invading other people’s privacy. Just like what Morozov said, “from now on, we have to worry only about the things we don’t want to share; everything else will be shared automatically.” I personally don’t like use Facebook that much because of those reasons. I feel like Facebook is invading my personal life by letting everyone around me know what I do when I’m on the internet. I strongly agree with the quote “The new world is you just open up Facebook and everything you care about will be streaming down the screen” because it’s true that Facebook is becoming dominant day by day.