Kimberly Coffin’s Reading Response #3

While reading “Picture this” by Lisa Gye, I began to think more about photography and why we take pictures. In this article, Gye stated that people take pictures to create a personal and group memory. People use photography to make and maintain relationships. When you take pictures, you are capturing the world how you see […]

Pedro Bachrach Reading Response #3

I agreed with a few points in Alan Albarran’s article, What Happened to Our Audience, but for the most part disagreed with some of his conclusions as a result of his study of people’s radio vs. mp3 listening habits. I agree with Albarran’s statement that the majority of people consider radio as their preferred second listening choice, […]

Reading Response #3 – Regan Bervar

Erickson talks about the documentary with ephemeral media and curation practices in online social spaces meaning that new online social venues are starting to establish new practices allover. He brings up the idea of sociolcative which is the practice that combines data about a physical location with a virtual social act. Sociolocative broadcasting practices blend the […]

Dohee Kim – Reading Response #3

In Lisa Gye’s article “Picture This”, she talks about the impact of mobile camera phones. As camera phones improve and become more accessible, people take pictures more often in their daily lives. During the article, Gye explains how people these days take pictures and share them with other people to not only capture the memory […]

Reading Response #3 by Evan Rosen

Reading Response #3 I did my third reading response on an article called “Picture This” by Lise Gye. The article focuses on the role camera phones play on people who have  photographic practices. Gye quickly runs over the social uses of personal photography, and then goes on to talk about creating and maintaining social relationships. […]

Reading Response #3 Jessica Rea

“What happened to our audience?” speaks on the new music technology in the industry and how people, mostly younger people, are now consuming their music media. Explaining how these new ways of listening are causing a decline of people who are listening to the radio. New technologies have decreased the traffic of traditional radio and […]

Reading Response #3 – Will McClure

Picture This: Lisa Gye’s article dives into the effects of mobile media on personal photography habits. She investigates the social norms of personal photography, social expression through personal photography, and how the mobility of camera phones is effecting the significance of the pictures that we all take today. The article was published in 2007, and […]

Pedro Bachrach Reading Response #2

I agree with many of the points brought up in the Lisa Gye “Picture This: Impact of mobile camera phones on personal photographic practices” reading. I agree that mobile phones and the current technology trends greatly effect how we understand the world, as well as ourselves. I do not see it from such a hopeful […]

Reading Response #2 – Regan Bervar

Larkin talks about colonialism and the built space of cinema in Nigeria. I found this article particularly interesting because it is almost nearly exact opposite of our culture. First off, we like to go see new movies in theaters whereas in Nigeria, a majority of the movies are viewed on the street level in windows […]