Will McClure – Blog Post 2

In finishing up the third week I have really come to see the challenge in a “photo a day.” Though it seems simple, “just take a photo a day, and then post it!” but following a theme and taking pictures that I am proud of tend not to present themselves together. This weeks theme was self portrait, and I think this was a lot more challenging than college life theme or family theme put together. Conveying myself in a way that I really feel represents who I am in a way that can also be enjoyed in differently interpreted ways is very challenging for a perfectionist like myself. I am a couple days behind on the self portrait pictures because of this reason and it is so frustrating. Im so busy with Cheer and school and friends that sometimes I simply forget; other days prove to be beaten by the theme. Im also having a lot of trouble uploading to flickr and that is super annoying because I believe that I cannot be graded unless the pictures are on the flickr, but in recitation I think that is going to be handled.

I love the idea of this project but in actuality it is very difficult to stay on track and to stay on top of the daily posts, at least it is for me. Im really excited to start the “how to vines” project!