Lilly Moorefield- Blog Post #1: Photo-A-Day

The Photo A Day assignment involves us to take a photo every day under the specific theme assigned for the week. So far, the three themes have been college life, family and self-portrait. I have found that some themes are easier to work with than others. That being said, it is not a huge struggle to find seven photos that fall under the theme, but it certainly does make you expand your thought process and force you to become more creative with your picture taking. For week 2, the theme was family, and when approaching this when you are away from your family at college, this sounds difficult at first. I actually found it quite easy to find symbolic items or ideas that reminded me of my family. I also considered my friends and roommate as “family” using them in some of my photos for the week as well. My biggest issue with this assignment is that I find it somewhat difficult to remember to post a photo every single day, especially on the weekends. I think this set up makes it very easy to get behind on the assignment, which is a place i have found myself at a few times already. This being said, I have easily been able to catch up and try and not fall behind or skip another day due to forgetfulness. I believe this project is important to the course because it gives us a lot of practice with thinking creatively about capturing a moment, and it also gives us an opportunity for feedback from our peers.