Evan Rosen Blog Post #2

I am struggling to remember to put pictures up everyday. I found myself posting two pictures a day sometimes even three. I set an alarm for 6 o’clock everyday with the label “photo-a-day”, to remind me, hopefully I will be on it with the alarm! The photo a day theme this week was “selfie” or “self portrait”. I really enjoy this theme because I feel like I don’t need my actual face to describe a picture. It was very easy for me to express myself through pictures of objects, that are especially important to me. I posted a picture of shoes, because shoes have become a very important object in my life. I started buying and reselling rare shoes my sophomore year of high school, I became a part of the culture, and I also made a good amount of money!

The selfie theme made me be experimental. Obviously this takes me to experimentalism, I had to try my best to tell a story without saying words, but also get my point across.

I had to decide what items could tell a story about me, and I tried to add little things to help. In my shoe picture I kept my “tag” to sell shoes, so people could hopefully understand that i don’t just love rare shoes, but I love to sell them as well.