Regan Bervar – Blog #1: Photo-A-Day

The photo-a-day project is definitely not as hard as I expected it to be especially since it is on interesting topics but I do have some struggles with it on some days especially since we have to take a picture of the same topic every single day. I have managed to keep up with almost every day although i was confused about when the turnover day was/is. I don’t always remember to do it which is my problem but I usually find something to photograph throughout the day. A few days I’ve had better pictures than others that I’ve been more proud of than others where sometimes I’m just trying to get the assignment in and at the time where I remember to do it i have a limited perspective of things that I can shoot. The project relates to the course because great photographers can take pictures of anything or make anything art as long as there is a meaning behind it. For example, one day for family I took a picture of a bracelet that simply says my name with a heart but it is special to me and represents family because my brother ┬ámade it for me. The pictures that we take have meaning to us and although others may not see it at first it takes some thinking and and unconventional thought processes to try and determine what someones meaning was behind their picture. Also, a good photographer should be able to take one topic and take more than one picture of it and be able to elaborate on the topic to show multiple perspectives and meanings