Nick Douglas – Blog #2

This weeks photo a day assignment is self portraits. For this week i attempted to capture the essence of personality. The fact that “selfies” and clear headshots were discouraged helped me to think of new ways to take a self portrait. Instead i tried to capture a montage of items that somehow reflect my personality, […]

Lilly Moorefield- Blog Post #1: Photo-A-Day

The Photo A Day assignment involves us to take a photo every day under the specific theme assigned for the week. So far, the three themes have been college life, family and self-portrait. I have found that some themes are easier to work with than others. That being said, it is not a huge struggle […]

Will McClure – Blog Post 2

In finishing up the third week I have really come to see the challenge in a “photo a day.” Though it seems simple, “just take a photo a day, and then post it!” but following a theme and taking pictures that I am proud of tend not to present themselves together. This weeks theme was […]

Dohee Kim – Blog #2

This week’s photo-a-day theme was “self-portrait”, and this has been the most confusing theme out of all the themes we have had so far. When I saw the theme “self-portrait”, I could only think of taking selfies, so I had a difficult time coming up with what type of pictures I should take. To be honest, I […]

Kimberly Coffin’s Blog #2

This week I have most definitely noticed a change in my photography. I have noticed better composition. My pictures also look more thoughtful. This weeks topic was hard to come up with ideas. For some of my pictures, the baby pictures on the wall and the picture of me taking a picture, were all taken […]

Evan Rosen Blog Post #2

I am struggling to remember to put pictures up everyday. I found myself posting two pictures a day sometimes even three. I set an alarm for 6 o’clock everyday with the label “photo-a-day”, to remind me, hopefully I will be on it with the alarm! The photo a day theme this week was “selfie” or […]

Dylan James blog post photo a day #2

As I said in my previous post I expected the family theme to be difficult. I was right. While I was taking photos for the family theme I very much struggled for ideas simply because I had no access to my family and I had no idea what to do. In the end I used […]

Luke Davis Blog #2

Photo-a-Day #3 has initiated some interesting pictures. The theme this week was Self-Portrait. I wanted my pictures to show who I was and show some perspectives I have throughout my day. The first picture I took was my Ron Swanson poster. I wanted to take a Self-Portrait with it because the picture tells something about […]

Zachariah Aguilar – Blog #1

Throughout the photo-a-day project there have been certain aspects that have come extremely easy and others that have caused more problems for myself. The project itself is very fun and entertaining because it does not follow the normal format for assignments. However, there have been a few issues so far. The largest issue is trying […]

Regan Bervar – Blog #2

I am finding that I have a harder time now remembering to take pictures and post them at the appropriate time instead of doing 2-3 on one day. I just forget throughout the day that I need to find something relative that I can photograph and post. It’s hard doing it on myself and finding […]