This page includes a wide range of tools for your use, but for ease of organization it has been broken down into the following categories:

  • Assignment Handouts: These explain the expectations and outlines of each assignment
  • Assignment How-To Documents: These offer an outline of the steps necessary to setup accounts, begin assignments, and in some cases complete them
  • Assignment How-To Videos: These videos are intended to be used in tandem with the How-To documents to outline the processes they describe (or to build upon them)

NOTE: Full Syllabi and Reading Materials are available through D2L, and audio visuals that are embedded below can also be viewed at the YouTube Critical Media Practices Channel.



CMDP 1400 Assignment 1 – Photo-a-Day Handout

CMDP 1400 Assignment 2 – Found Footage Video Handout

CMDP 1400 Assignment 3 – How-To Instagram Video Handout

CMDP 1400 Assignment 4 – Locative Media Handout

CMDP 1400 Blog and Reading Response Handout

CMDP 1400 Final Portfolio Handout




How-To – Accessing Lynda Tutorials

How-To – Set Up Yahoo Account

How-To – Course WordPress Login and Submission

How-To – Photo-a-Day

How-To – Starting Up Adobe Premiere and Accessing Files

How-To – Instagram Video

How-To – Locative Media

How-To – Final Portfolio WordPress Setup