Locative Media app review

After using George (Khoury)’s app, I had a lot of fun. I did not have any trouble getting the app to run, so that was great news and made the event much more of a success. The most difficulty that we found within our Locative Media projects had to do with general coding errors and […]

Blog #4

This week is the first week after fall break, not much work to do but the Photo-a-day Assignment, and this is the last Photo-a-day project of this semester. It’s about people in public places, should be shot in panorama type which means it should contain many things like people, settings of the place or buildings. […]

Rand Philips’ Locative Media Project App Review

Rand’s project was based around the CU Boulder campus. Initially we really struggled to successfully complete a build of the application within the device. The first place I was able to test for rand was the c4c. it was accompanied with a clip of a Scottish accent from Austin powers saying “Get in my belly!” […]

App Review | JP Douvalakis

When in a new area, walking audio tours can be a great way to learn about or discover a new place. Unfortunately, guided tours are often expensive and require the participation of an entire group of people, with little to no time to do some exploring of your own. Thankfully, there is technology and creative […]

Locative Media Review, Maryfher Villarreal

I reviewed Leah Ashley’s app and was impressed by the technique she used but not so much the quality of some of her sound bites. Aside from trying to navigate the media through the simulator there were not too many issues. Right off the bat the audio files were very clustered together which sort of […]

Locative Media Review

I reviewed Will Dale locative media assignment. The only trouble I had was having it upload to my phone, but this is because my phone has the updated version IOS 11 is on my phone. Therefore it would not work on my phone, but it was able to listen on simulator. I thought it was […]

Locative Media Partner Review

Olivia’s App was very well done and thought out,  it lead me on a short narrative that while not out of this world was intriguing.  The voice tracks leading you as a story made it feel like an audiobook where I could see the setting.  I liked the story of a girl on her way […]

Locative Media Project

I tested Luke Nickel’s Locative Media Project where it toured me to Farrand Field, Willard Dorm Hall (Both our current residence hall) the C4C, and the buffalo statue. The app worked on an iPhone 6s as it should, with no complications or glitches and didn’t have any problems running. I liked the locations he chose […]

App Review

For this assignment, I reviewed Emma Randall’s app, in which she gave a tour of her favorite places on campus. First, the app started at the Mary Rippon Theatre, where a monologue from Hamlet played in the background. Then it proceeded to the Theatre and Dance building, where a dance number from Fame played. Lastly, […]

Locative media app review

The locative media project was hard to me that I have no primer experience on coding things. It was tough, but work out nicely. Katie’s map is in California, so I was not able to walk through in person. She set the project at a amusement park along the beach in Santa Cruz, beginning at […]