Reading Responses

Reading Response 5

In this weeks reading response, “Territory as Interface: Design for Mobile Experiences” by Michael Longford will be used. In his paper, Longford opens with an imaginative quote that uses great imagery to depict the world of new media: “The cities of today and tomorrow only exist within the twisted relations between physical community and its […]

Picture This!

In the article, Picture This, Lisa Gye discusses the impact of mobile phones on personal photographic practices. She goes in depth about the convergence of the camera and the mobile phone, along with the impact that camera phones have on the social uses of personal photography. Gye explains this by stating, “There is no doubt […]

Reading Response #5 – Stearns

Anne Friedberg, a great media studies scholar, provided us with a very interesting reading this week with her article, “Journal of Visual Culture”. This reading was my favorite so far, as she somehow brings car windows to a new light when comparing them with media. She discusses how car windows are very similar in design […]

Reading Response #4 – Stearns

The article “Warcraft Adventures”, written by Henry Lowood, is focused mainly on Machinima and multiplayer video games like “World of Warcraft”. This was a very intriguing article to me because I have always had a spot in my heart for video games. Ever since I was a young lad I remember playing Halo with my […]

Reading Response: Soley – Freeing Speech C

He talks about the privatization of public property as if that somehow sensors free speech. I don’t understand the connection between the two. I understand that private companies can have speech codes. But they can’t throw you in the slammer for breaking them. And I don’t understand why the author is so interested in whether […]

Reading Response #3

This week I read the article “What Happened to our Audience” written by Albarran. The aritical talks about the primary uses of radio, such as listening to news and music. People turn on radio for reasons like finding popular songs, discovering what is happening recently, or maybe just turn on the radio for no reason […]

Reading Response 4 – Warcraft Adventures

The reading that I have chosen to do for this week is Henry Lowood’s “Warcraft Adventures”. The article starts by going over the history of the gamer world and specifically World of Warcraft, a massive online multiplayer role player game. The article then goes to depict the adaption of media where an old medium is […]

Reading Response 3 – What Happened

In the Albarran, et al. reading “‘What Happened to our Audience?’, research was put into the use of technology, specifically radio among a teenage audience. The reading takes more of a historical approach and outlines the radios use through history and specifically discusses how at the time of the articles publishing, the present generation had […]

Reading Response #4

In the article “Warcraft Adventure” written by Michael Niche discusses the topic of Machinima. The main focus in the article is about what Machinima is and where the term originated from. Niche states that machinima is an original word made up of two different words; machine and cinema. Machinima can be described as “animated filmmaking […]

Reading Response – Naughton – Cyberwarfare

The article talks about how the people who pilot drone planes suffer an emotional toll, despite being distant from the killing. Naughton proposes that a possible explanation is the contrast between killing people and then driving home to their families. I have an alternate theory. I think that killing someone from behind a screen using […]