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Blog post #5

Its time to write my final Blog post for CMDP 1400. This class has been an interesting one that has exposed me to the most relevant information that I will be using as I peruse a career in the real world. I have gained more understanding in the world of changing media with an understanding […]

Blog #4

We’re coming up on the end of the semester and it’s not quite as good of a feeling as I had hoped. I’m finishing up on classes and beginning to study for finals which has created a feeling of pressure to perform. I have tried to direct this pressure into my final portfolio and create […]

Final Portfolio Blog 2

So I finally figured out that darn Locative Media problem I was having. I started off really over-complicating things by not remembering I had access to my audio files via my email, so I attempted to retrieve them from the ENVD lab where I saved them to my student folder. For some reason I couldn’t […]

Final Portfolio Blog 1

I’ve found WordPress to be a solid tool for making a website seeing as it is simple and streamlined enough for me (someone with no experience making websites) to understand. However, oddly enough, although I have no experience I can tell that WordPress would be very limiting to someone with actual skill because most of […]

Blog #5: Will Dale- Web Site continues

This week my work on my website stepped up to an almost finished project, all I have left to do is upload my video files from google drive.  Wix has made it extremely easy to put a site together and design it to my image.  The writing piece of this project feels different for the […]

Blog #5 – Khoury

As of today I am almost finished with my final portfolio website. I have been working on it a lot recently because I wanted to have plenty of time to study for my other finals. Today I completed the last final response question and will just need to look at everything to make sure there aren’t […]

Blog #5

As the semester is coming to an end and as I am in the process of creating my final website, I think back on how happy I believe the overall class and semester has gone for me. At the start of working on my website I was very confused at first. I first started working […]

Blog #5

This week I mainly focused on my final portfolio. This task is a bit daunting, due to the amount of work we must do in creating our website and writing about our work. This has thrown me guard a little bit, but since we have been keeping up with this blog I will have some […]

Blog #5

In this week I did finish my final project draft and it should be a hard-working. I did the website on the Wix because it’s easier for me to work on it for uploading the video free. In the website, I had put all my works on different tags after the introduction. I put three […]

Blog #5 – Final Portfolio – James Hudson Ratzlaff

This is the final blog post of the semester, meaning that I’m currently drowning in work and also working very hard to get my final portfolio website up and running. I think it’s been really cool to be able to reflect on all the deliverables I’ve had for class this semester. The main struggle I’ve […]