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Blog #4 Joe Zahorik

For this production assignment, our class was assigned to create a final portfolio showcasing the projects and information that we have gone over in class throughout the semester. For this project, I am finding it very easy to compose a website when using wix.com, Wix has a variety of tools that are user friendly and […]

Joe Zahorik- Reading Response #4

During this week, we read through and discussed  McCarthy’s work Shaping Public and Private Space with TV Screens. Shaping Public and Private Space with TV Screens centers around McCarthy’s idea of screens and how one can alter their current space through said screens. McCarthy discusses many areas in which screens have altered the space including a scenario in […]

Joe Zahorik- Blog #5

After working on my class portfolio/website for a week, I have found it very easy to move about my site and the Wix website designer as well. I love being able to alter an aspect of my site without having to to any coding (so much work!). One of the main aspect of my website […]

Joe Zahorik- Reading Response #5

For this post, I decided to reflect upon Michael Nitsche’s Film Live: An Excursion into Machinima.. Film Live: An Excursion into Machinima focused upon the art of machinima and how it originated. Machinima focuses around the concept of filmmaking through virtual spaces like video games. With machinima, much of the content is created by the […]

Joe Zahorik- Assignment 4 Blog

For the fourth assignment of CMDP 1400 we created an application that augmented the auditory aspect of a certain space. When one replaces the audio of a space, the space itself becomes a new altered reality and can be morphed into whatever the augmenter decides. For my application I decided to augment the reality of […]

Joe Zahorik- Blog #3

     Now coming into the month of March, we have started to begin the Locative Media Assignment. The idea of this assignment is to augment a certain space with specific audio tracks. During the course of this assignment I have found it interesting that the most difficult and challenging aspect was how to make […]

Zahorik- Reading Response #3

After reading Lisa Gye’s Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices, I reflect on the notions made. Gye writes that the mobile phone is not “just another kind of camera,” and that this new piece of technology allows our camera to become connected to whoever, and portable to wherever. Gye also […]

Zahorik- Reading Response #2

Rivka Ribak’s Remote control, umbilical cord and beyond: The mobile phone as a transitional object brings to thought interesting ideas concerning the role of cell phones in relationship to parents and teenagers. Focusing on a study conducted in Israel from 2000-2006, Ribak stated that parents are either “censors of content” or “regulators of movement.” I find […]

Blog #2 – Joe Zahorik

Being in week five of the semester, a second assignment has been presented, specifically an eight second video that describes how to do a certain task. I found this assignment to be very interesting and exciting, being that there is so much room for creativity. Some of my initial ideas included a “How to College” […]

Blog Post #1- Joe Zahorik

Within the first four weeks of the semester, the first project began being the “Photo A Day” project. I found this project interesting, being that I do not usually take that many photos, let alone them being with an iPad camera. Being in the third week of the project, the feel that capturing different aspects of […]