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Reading response 3

One of the greatest technological innovations the world had ever seen was the emergence of the radio. The radio had an enormous impact on our society, as well as survived countless attacks from newer alternatives over the decades. It wasn’t until the birth of television did radio have anyone to compete with, and with a […]

Reading Response #2

The Camera is a glimpse into life. It’s difficult to think about the fact the camera was not invented until the late 1800’s, and the only way to look into the past was through our memories. Thanks to the advancing times and new innovations in technology, the first camera finally came in to existence. According […]

Blog #1 Zach Rens

There’s nothing quite like capturing a moment. When i was told that our first project would be the photo a day challenge, I’m pretty sure i couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear from sheer excitement. I go on social networking sites all the time to upload photos that in my opinion look like works […]

Blog # 2

So i think i’m starting to get this photo-a-day challenge, which at first i don’t think i quite understood how it worked and still may not completely understand how to get photos on the photo wall. Besides those few worries, i’ve really began to enjoy this project. I love that i am able to pick […]