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Blog #5 FINAL- V Mackenzie Christman

I feel a lot better about the final portfolio project now. I have really started working on it. I have at least three posts up and I am still trying to figure out the other ones I need (what pictures I am going to use). Now that I have uploaded to WordPress and made my […]

Blog #5- V Mackenzie Christman- Final Portfolio

The current media project that we are working on is our final portfolio website. So far I have made the URL and I have started setting up the layout. It has been a little difficult because I have never made a website with WordPress before and at least to me, it is not as user […]

Blog #3- V Mackenzie Christman- Locative Media Project

This project is pretty difficult and a little frustrating so far. I have not really made any progress in actually creating the app. So far I have been watching the how to video several times and deciding and planning out my location and the sounds and stories that will go along with the location. I […]

Blog #1: Mackenzie Christman – Photo A Day

The first week of doing the photo a day assignment has been a little difficult. The assignment to take pictures with the theme of family has been difficult because my family is not in Boulder so I had to try and be a little creative. But I had to do that for most of the […]