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Picture This!

In the article, Picture This, Lisa Gye discusses the impact of mobile phones on personal photographic practices. She goes in depth about the convergence of the camera and the mobile phone, along with the impact that camera phones have on the social uses of personal photography. Gye explains this by stating, “There is no doubt […]

Final Project Analysis

As we are wrapping up class for this semester, it is time to start our final project. For our final project, we are to make a website filled with some of the work and projects we completed thus far in Introduction to Contemporary Media Cultures. After some confusion about how to make a website, I […]

Photo-a-Day as Art

All semester long, I have been taking pictures for the Photo-A-Day assignment. Towards the beginning, it was hard for me to remember to take these pictures and think about them in a deeper way. After some time, I got the hang of taking them and having deeper meanings behind them. For example, for “my family” […]

Documentaries and Ethics

In the article, “Why are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking” Nichols talks all about documentary films. He starts off by saying “that every film is a documentary” (Nichols 1). Continuing on, Nichols states how there are two different types of documentaries: documentaries of wish-fulfillment, which are also known as fictions, and documentaries of social […]

Industrial Geography Lessons Response

Caldwell expresses a whole new idea of place in his article, Industrial Geography Lessons. Before I read this, I really only classified space as a certain location. I never realized how much more goes into the word and meaning of “place.” Throughout the article, Caldwell explains all different kinds of place and what they mean. […]

Partner’s Locative Media Project

For the Locative Media Assignment, I had the chance to listen and observe Roselyle Zhao’s project. Towards the beginning of the assignment, we both had some difficulties and confusion regarding what we were going to do, and how we were going to do it. However, after listening to and observing her final product, I was […]

Locative Media Project

Right now, I am working on the Locative Media Project. When I heard about this project, I found it quite confusing. Capturing sound somewhere on campus? Wouldn’t this just be a boring few seconds of listening to side conversations and planes go by? I did not understand how these sounds could be considered as “art.” […]

How-To Do Yoga

This past week, I just turned in my “How-To” Instagram video. When we are assigned this project, I immediately questioned how I could accomplish such a thing. How could I show the audience how to perform a task in only 8 seconds? Also, what would I be focusing my entire project on? It really took […]

Response to Cyberspace

In the article, Replacing Place, Mitchell explains all about cyberspace. Cyberspace is an environment in which communication over computer networks occurs. It is the concept of doing things without needing to go anywhere and is a “figure of speech that has emerged to cover a gap in our language” (Mitchell 113). This concept is getting […]

Found Footage Project

In class this past week, we dove into the art of Found Footage. I really had no idea of what this was before I actually watched my first Found Footage film. So, as many of you may know if you have seen one, I was quite shocked and confused. What is the meaning behind these […]