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Reading Response #5 – Abbie Rush

In Nichols article, “Why are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Film Making,” he discusses film in a way that depicts every film as a documentary. He describes two types of film, the first being documentaries of wish fulfillment and the second being documentaries of social representation. This reminded me about our class discussion from many […]

Locative Media App Review – Abbie Rush

In selecting my space for my locative media app, I really wanted the location to be one with more activity going on, opposed to just a library where people are mostly sitting at desks and there is not much movement happening. This is why I found the student rec center to be the perfect location […]

Blog Post #4 – Abbie Rush

Today I began the process in creating my own website for my final portfolio. So far I have completed just the introduction which I found a little bit fun to do just because it was easy to talk about why I took this course and what I got out of it. It is also pretty […]

Blog Post #5 – Abbie Rush

I am almost completely finished with my portfolio, with just the final response to finish. I was able to easily pick out 6 photos that best reflected how my eye has changed over the semester and the progress I have made with taking photos. Finding 3 photos that represented key critical themes was definitely a […]

Reading Response #4 – Rush, Abbie

In Anne Friedberg’s article, Urban Mobility and Cinematic Visuality, she discusses the architectural and metaphorical idea of the window and its relation to a framed visuality. She goes on to address the relation of media screens to architecture and how film screens, TV screens, and computer screens are all components of architecture, referring to them […]

Blog Post #3 – Abbie Rush

In starting the locative media app project, I have been super nervous about how I will successfully accomplish it. When first looking at the assignment, it seemed extremely complex and beyond what my abilities with technology are currently. However, after taking some time reading the instructions and the tutorials on how to complete each step, […]

Reading Response #3 – Abbie Rush

In Lisa Gye’s article, “Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices,” she describes the three main social uses of personal photography: to construct personal and group memories, to create and maintain social relationships, and self-expression and self representation. She explains how the function of constructing personal and group memories applies […]

Reading Response #2 – Abbie Rush

In Evgeny Morozov’s article, “The Death of the Cyberflaneur,” he discusses the downfall of “cyberflânerie” which can be described as aimlessly surfing the internet. He blames this downfall on the creation of identity within the internet community, which makes it so we are no longer anonymous and so that we no longer own anything we […]

Blog Post #2 – Abbie Rush

I have started brainstorming ideas for what an interesting but easy How-To video this week, and so far the only ideas I have come up with relate to preparing some sort of snack…classic. I always love watching all of those fast but entertaining 8 second videos on Instagram, but for some reason I am having […]

Blog Post #1 – Abbie Rush

I think I have had decent progress in the photo-a-day assignment over the last two weeks. I could see a noticeable difference between my photos from the college theme and my photos from the family theme. The difference between the photos made it clear that I was getting a lot more comfortable with taking photos […]