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Clinton Reading Response 5

The reading I am doing my reading response 5 on is “The Industrial Geography Lessons” by John T. Caldwell. This article investigates and discusses the different types and the importance of space. Space is a very overlooked, but important factor in all industries. Space can change how people interact, who has the power in that […]

Clinton FINAL blog

I have made a lot of progress with my final project, and it is going well so far. It has become a lot easier as I have become more familiar with wordpress. To start, it was rather difficult and frustrating but with all new things, it becomes easier with practice. It has also been interesting […]

Clinton Blog #4 (final portfolio)

The current project we are working on for Intro to Contemporary Media is creating and utilizing a website to showcase our final portfolio. I believe that this assignment will be very valuable for learning important skills that will help in the future. By creating a website through WordPress, we are able to apply this process […]

Clinton Reading Response 4

The reading I am discussing from Week 10 is the “Warcraft Adventures” which is an interesting article that covers an even more interesting topic. First giving a brief history and description of the “gamer” world and specifically the World of Warcraft scene, then goes in depth to analyze a familiar topic in this course: using […]

Clinton RR #3 -Gye

As society and technology progress and advance, so do the ways in which we use and interact with them. Starting back in the beginning of the photography era, only specialized camera operators were taking pictures. Back then, there were different types of cameras for different situations. Then came along the Brownie camera, which combined these […]

Locative Media Review Clinton

At first, I was not able to get the audio to play on Mathias’s app, but after he corrected the audio files (they were in .M4A, and needed to be .MP3) it worked perfectly. I was pleased that the app was able to work properly, because the initial set up of this app was very […]

Clinton Blog 3

The current project that we are working on in this class is the locative media project. In the very beginning, I thought this was a very interesting project that I was excited for. The idea behind the project has much potential and our creativity can run wild. I am trying to do my project in […]

Clinton Reading Res. 2- Morozov

For this week’s reading response I am analyzing the article by Evgeny Morozov “The Death of the Cyberflaneur”. This was a very interesting and provoking article that links directly to our course, as well as the world around us. In the article Morozov discusses how the art of flanerie (aimless idle behavior) has become obsolete […]

Riley Clinton Blog 2: How to vine

The how to vine assignment is a very interesting one, and one that I am excited about due to our creative freedom. I find the assignment interesting because of the technology mostly. As a videographer, I am used to planning out short films and videos, as well as what advanced equipment we are going to […]

Photo A Day Blog Riley Clinton

The photo a day assignment that we have been working on has been very interesting, and has already begun to teach me new ways of thinking. By having an assignment that forces us into that photographer mode every single day we are able to start seeing the world from that view. I’ve caught myself in […]