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App Blog – Taryn Pilkington

For my own locative app, I first started out with the idea of doing a somewhat scary virtual tour. I made it more into a story than a tour. The person would have to follow the directions and they would hear the scary things going on around them. Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble […]

Reading Response #5 – Taryn Pilkington

In the reading “The Psychology of Rhetorical Images” the author, Charles A. Hill focuses representational images. Representational images are visuals that are clearly designed to represent a recognizable person, object, or situation. The article mentions that rhetorical studies of images tend to focus on specific genres, mediums, methods of distribution or the rhetorical purpose that […]

Blog Post 5, Pilkington

For our last project of the semester in CMDP 1400, we are doing an online website portfolio.  For this portfolio, we have to include an introduction, a page about critical themes, a page for out projects (How to video and Locative media project), a page for how our eye towards our photography has changed over […]

Blog #4 – Taryn Pilkington

For our last project, we are doing an online portfolio.  I have chosen to do mine on wix and make my website there. I have never made a website but I know that there needs to be creativity and clarity.  I so far have started on my introduction. I am not sure what photo I should […]

Taryn Pilkington, Locomotive App Blog

For the Locomotive project, we are supposed to pick a place on campus, record it and have sounds that will go along with the recording. So far I have recorded two videos and am not sure which one to use. I have recorded one at night and one during the day. The one during the […]

Reading Response #2 – Pilkington, Death of a Cyberflaneur

When I started to read this article, I had to look up what a Cyberflaneur was.  I found out that it was a person that surfs the internet idly. “Thanks to the French poet Charles Baudelaire and the German critic Walter Benjamin, both of whom viewed the flâneur as an emblem of modernity..,” by using […]

Reading Response #3, Pilkington

In the reading/research paper ‘”What Happened to our Audience?”” Radio and New Technology Uses and Gratifications Among Young Adult Users’ by multiple different people, it talks about the what will most likely happen to terrestrial radio in the future.  I found this paper very interesting because I am someone that loves to listen to the […]

Pilkington Blog Post #2

I thought that this video was going to be relatively easy but I really haven’t started thinking about what I am going to do for my 8 second how to video.  I have brainstormed a few ideas with my roommates and have come up with how to enjoy life (very very broad), how to plan […]

Blog Post #1 – Photo-a-day – Taryn Pilkington

For the first two photo-a-day assignment, I had no problem with what to take pictures of. For the “college and dorm life” theme,  I just took pictures of stuff from my everyday life since I am a college student and my life revolves around being a college student. For the second theme, “family”, I was […]