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Blog 5

As of today, I am almost finished with my final portfolio and all that is left is the final response section. I have added a few extra pages that were not apart of the project, but I felt as if they belonged on a portfolio displaying my best work. The first page I added was […]

Blog 4

We finished our Locative Media project the week before we got out of school for Fall break which I enjoyed because of the subject and creativity of the project and I’m eager to start working on the final project as I currently am working on a website for my photography portfolio which ties in closely […]

Reading Response 5

This week’s readings on space and sound were very interesting as it is not often a topic I think of when discussing film or media. In Anne Friedberg’s “Journal of Visual Culture”, framing and limitations are discussed through cars and how that driving is a form of experiencing visuals through a “screen” or window. Over […]

Locative Media Project

I tested Luke Nickel’s Locative Media Project where it toured me to Farrand Field, Willard Dorm Hall (Both our current residence hall) the C4C, and the buffalo statue. The app worked on an iPhone 6s as it should, with no complications or glitches and didn’t have any problems running. I liked the locations he chose […]

Reading Response #4

Week 10 had a very interesting concept of Machinima which is a very familiar subject to me. I had always been a huge fan of watching Rooster Teeth’s “Red V.S. Blue” as well as many other Machinima-like gameplay videos along with even partaking in this art with friends when playing games online together. Henery Lowood’s […]

Blog #3

The past few weeks have been super busy for me. I have recently picked up portrait photography and within the last three weeks I had done six photo shoots for people and picked up another ten shoots in the next two weeks. Traditionally, I had never done any professional photography outside of product photography, but […]

Reading Response 3

The text, What happened to our Audience by  Alan Albarran really intrigued me as it is very interesting to look back on the rapid advancement of technology and the adjustment of society. To go from using records, cassettes, and CDs or radio to mp3 players all while its core audience managing to merge with the new platforms, […]

Reading Response #2

This week’s reading, “Picture This: the impact of mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices” by Lisa Gye was a real eye-opener as someone who is an avid photographer. Her opinions I very much agree with as it does allow more access for people to take pictures at any time as she states, “we tend to […]

MediaHYPE and Experimental Film

I edited my MediaHYPE 2017 video this week along with my found footage film and I learned a lot about using Premiere Pro. Making both of these videos taught me the basics of video construction, transitions, captions, adding photo layers, music, audio editing, and adding sound effects. Going to MediaHYPE itself had a lot of documentaries and […]

Blog Post 1: Photo-a-Day

The Photo a Day Challenge has been a great assignment for me and has brought me to invest in better editing software, new lenses, more DSLR equipment, a greater interest in photography, and to better learn my camera and how to take great pictures. It also has brought me into a good habit of shooting […]