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Blog #5 – Final Portfolio

Sofia Penaylillo As the due date for this final portfolio approaches, the farther I wish I was in perfecting it.  My original thought process for this portfolio wasn’t too concentrated on the appearance because I thought that it would always come together the way I imaged. Now a week away from needed to present it, […]

Blog #4 – Sofia Penaylilllo

This final portfolio project has been a slow process thus far for me. I’ve already selected which photos I want to include in my portfolio which was the easy part! I liked looking back through each of them and seeing the accumulation. It’s been nice to have every picture congregated in one place and easily […]

Reading response #5 – Sofia Penaylillo

Urban Mobility and Cinematic Visuality by Anne Friedberg over arching theme was about the visual space that an automobile’s windshield created in the post war Los Angeles. Friedberg’s first point as to why the automobile’s windshield had this power was because of the framing that occurred while driving. “Driving transforms the mobilized pedestrian gaze with […]

Reading response #4- Sofia Penaylillo

The Real and the Ideal and unfinished business by Peter Lunenfeld article’s main idea centered around the duality of humans and technology. The article divided itself into two specific perspectives that I found really interesting. The first was Naive realism which is defined as having an anti technology sentiment that apparently the unabomber shared according […]

Locative Media Project- Sofia Penaylillo

Sofia Penaylillo Locative Media Project I am reviewing Nick Vallejo’s project. I didn’t have any trouble getting it to work which I was very impressed by because I had so many issues with getting my own to work. The only hiccup was trying to get to the same spot to play the same time. What […]

Reading Response #3 – Sofia Penaylillo

The aim of Picture This: the Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices by Lisa Gye is to look at the current social uses of personal photography and its impact on the uses. I’ve never previously thought about the evolution of photography in terms of cultural prior to this article so it was […]

Blog Post #3 – Sofia Penaylillo

Locative Media- This project has been more difficult than others. I suspect my issues with this project come from my lack of knowledge and interest in coding type media like this. I struggle mainly with problem solving when the program doesn’t work the first time especially when I know for a fact that copied the […]

Sofia Pena Y Lillo- Reading Response #2

Colonialism and the Built Space of Cinema in Nigeria by Brian Larkin centered around how physical spaces reflect colonialism. The most interesting themes of this article were how cinemas were trans-local and how the theaters audiences evolved over time in Nigeria. The original cinema theaters in Nigeria were referred to as “trans-local”, a separate space within […]

Blog 2 How to vine / Self portrait – Sofia Penaylillo

Sofia Penaylillo One of my many bad habits include watching way too many Vines. I have spent countless hours stuck watching endless 6 second videos on repeat. I have never considering to make a vine myself. I’ve always thought Facebook and Instagram were enough social medias to contribute to. Either way, I wasn’t too into […]

Photo-A-Day response Sofia Penaylillo

I’ve liked this production assignment mainly because I enjoy taking pictures and sharing them. I was familiar with personally using apps like Instagram, VISCO, and Afterlight. I thought it was interested to find out that we are promoted and required to use them for the class. Considering all of the classes I’ve taken prior to […]