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Reading Response #5 Nicholas Ruskey

For this week’s reading response, I read the article titled: “Territory as Interface.” It was an interesting article that talked about an organization that deals with space, media, and how people interact. They created a media space around a park using specialized equipment that allow people to explore the space in a unique, original way. […]

Portfolio Blog Post #1-Nicholas Ruskey

I am excited for the portfolio project and the culmination of all of my work in our introduction to media production class thus far. Although the project does seem a little daunting I am sure I will be able to easily accomplish all of the tasks that it entails. When first reading over the instructions, […]

Blog Post about Portfolio #2-Nicholas Ruskey

My portfolio is coming along nicely and I am having a lot of fun playing around with the tools and customization options on WordPress. I have really enjoyed the chance to look back over my work and decide what to show and what to write on for my final portfolio. I am a bit stressed […]

Reading Response #3, Nicholas Ruskey

This week I read: Albarran: “What Happened to Our Audience.” I found the article to be very interesting and informative on the reasons for the movement away from AM and FM radio and towards MP3 players and subscription sources of radio. The article discussed many studies and then even conducted one of its own, finding […]

App Review, Nick Ruskey

Review of Emelia’s Locative Media Project I loved your project Emelia! The story was truly fun and unique. The only problems were due to loading times and confusion as to where the zones were but honestly that was the apps fault not yours. It was just loading a bit slow. I thought the music gave […]

Nick Ruskey- Reading Response #4

For this week’s reading response, I read the article entitled: “Warcraft Adventures: Texts, Replay, and Machinima in a Game-Based Story world.” I found it to be interesting although, for me, it was difficult to relate to. I am not a person who frequently plays games and when I do, I rarely, if ever, play real time […]

Reading Response #2, Week 7, Nicholas Ruskey

This Week I read: “Picture This” by: Lisa Gye. Gye is interested primarily in the development of photography over time and how it has affected people and their relationships. She talks about all of the ways that people use photography and have used photography including saving memories and creating and maintaining relationships. She also talks […]

Week 2 Reading Response: Nicholas Ruskey

For this week I chose to respond to the article on politeness and interactions towards computers by Byron Reeves and Clifford Nass. I found this article to be particularly interesting in the way it showed that people really do have a sense of politeness when it comes to interacting with computers. The article talked about […]

Blog Post #1 Photo-a-Day: Nick Ruskey

The first week of the photo a day project has gone quite well except for a few bumps. I have been feeling much more confident with my photo taking and editing skills since starting this project. Originally, I had a poor sense of lighting and my subject was generally either under or over exposed. I […]

Blog Post #2 Photo a Day Nick Ruskey

I have been enjoying the photo a day project more and more as time goes on. I am learning how to better frame and edit my photos and I feel like I have a better grasp of lighting and composition. This is leading to me having much more fun while taking photos. I recently visited […]