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Reading Response – Alex Moore

For this week’s reading response, I chose to focus on Hill’s article, “The Psychology of Rhetorical images.” The article explained how much influence an image can have in comparison to how little words can mean when placed next to a striking image meant to attract an audience. The only thing I really thought of while […]

Locative Media App Review – Alex Moore

For the locative media app review, I tested Taryn’s project. She chose to create a zoo environment on Norlin Quad. At first, I had trouble getting the WiFi to work throughout the project since a lot of the quad doesnt have consistent internet, but I was able to hotspot my phone and the rest of […]

Reading response – Alex Moore

I want to start with a quote from the Friedberg reading. It says, “To grasp its secret, you should not then begin with the city and move inwards towards the screen; you should begin with the screen and move outwards towards the city.(p.56)” This quote reminded me about what we talked about in class regarding […]

Blog 4 – Alex Moore

I’ve made a lot of progress on my final project so far. I chose to make a WordPress blog and I’ve done the first two posts: the introduction and the 3 images relating to a theme and why. I’ve attached the picture I chose to use for my introduction post. So far, I’ve only done […]

Final Portfolio Blog 2 – Alex Moore

Since my last post, I’ve added a couple things to my website. I realized that I did the 3 images post wrong in class the other day. I assumed the 3 pictures were supposed to be relating to a Photo-A-Day theme instead of a theme we learned about from class. I spent some time redoing […]

Reading Response #3 – Alekssandra Moore

Before reading the Albarran article and discussing it in class, I had never really thought about how radio struggles to keep an audience. Since I’m in my car a lot, I hear the radio all the time but I guess I dont actually ever care about what is playing. And when I finally get out […]

Reading Response #2 – Alekssandra Moore

While reading Gye’s “Picture This” article, I began┬áthinking about how the definition of photography has changed as technology has advanced, specifically mobile phone technology. Gye talks about how it has become a lot easier to take photographs with camera phones and how it’s become more of a social activity than a professional one. I looked […]

Blog Post 2 – Alekssandra Moore

This week’s photo-a-day assignment is to take portraits of other people without showing their face but still give an idea of who they are. I really like this topic and I think there are some really interesting ways to go about it. Im thinking that most of my pictures are going to either be of […]

Blog Post #1 – Alekssandra Moore

I’ve really enjoyed doing the photo-a-day project. I really wish we didnt have to use the iPads just because they are so inconvenient to carry around and it would be much easier to take all the pictures on my phone, but its ok. The college/dorm life theme was both easy and hard at the same […]