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Blog #5

With our final portfolios due in a week, mine is still a working progression. I’ve made progress since Blog #4 but it is still in the heart of production. So far I’ve completed my introduction section which includes a picture from the “self portrait” photo-a-day theme, a quick paragraph on why I took this course […]

Blog #4

As the semester is coming to an end, that means our projects are coming to an end as well. Our last productions project, our final portfolios, are currently a working progress and will finalize the year. Personally, my portfolio is still in the preliminary stages of production but it’s coming along. This is the first time […]

Reading Response #5, Longford

This reading explores two projects created by the Mobile Digital Commons Network (MDCN), and their visions on how their ideas can impact human future. This collaborative network, MDCN, is composed of engineers, designers and communication scholars who research the connection between humans, urban and wilderness settings, and mobile technology. Their first project discussed is very […]

Reading Response #4, McCarthy

In McCarthy’s reading, she discusses and explains the phenomenon of ambient television. The chapter starts off with a quote from Mark Fowler which states “Television is just another appliance. It’s like a toaster with pictures.” McCarthy has issues with this statement. While we may think of television as just another household appliance, TV monitors outside of the […]

Blog Post #3, Locative Media

In my opinion, this has been the most challenging productions project we’ve done yet. I think I’m finding this a bit challenging because I’ve truly never done something like it before. I’ve never made an app, coded anything or really worked with sound production in any way. I had trouble figuring it out the first day […]

Reading Response #3, Gye

Lisa Gye’s article, Picture This: The Impact of Mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices, is pretty self explanatory in the title. Written in 2007, it’s a bit outdated with it’s information. However, in my opinion, the outdatedness makes it that much more interesting seeing how much media has progressed within the past 9 years and how correct […]

Reading Response #2, Morozov

The Death of the Cyberflâneur written by Evgeny Morozov, focuses on the act of flânerie, the history of it, and how it has changed with technological innovations, specifically through the dominance of the internet and modern media. Flânerie, as a noun, is defined as aimless idle behavior. Prior to the “Cyberflâneur”, or the web “surfer”, a flânuer […]

Blog #2, How-To Vine/Self Portrait Photos

I found this past week’s Photo-a-Day more challenging than prior weeks. By capturing ‘self portraits’  of ourselves without showing our faces, we had to find self meaning in other things that weren’t selfies or other people taking pictures of us. I think the picture that was the best representation of myself was the vinyl of 6 […]

Blog #1, Photo-A-Day

So far I have enjoyed the Photo-A-Day assignment. For me, having a theme to go along with taking a daily picture is interesting because it makes you think in depth about how you want to represent that theme. For example, this past week the theme was “Family”. Since most of my family lives in New York, […]

Reading Response #1, Berger

Berger begins his book with the thought, “The child looks and recognizes before he can speak.” With this one claim, he is almost proving his whole idea behind Ways of Seeing. When a human being is entered into this world, he/she doesn’t know how to communicate vocally through language yet. However, without a real understanding, he/she immediately starts to […]