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Blog #5

This week I have been working on my final portfolio. I have run into a couple issues. Time management has been the hardest aspect due to another project I have been working on the majority of the semester. Another difficult part of the project has been trying to figure out how to incorporate the locative […]

Blog #4

Recently I have started planning out my final portfolio for CMDP 1400. The most difficulties I have with these sort of projects is finding time to do them. I’m working on a much larger project for one of my engineering classes that is taking up a lot of time. However, I have come up with […]

Reading Response #5

In Nichols, “Why Are Ethical Issues Critical to Documentary Filmmaking,” ethics in media is discussed. Basically what the author is trying to convey is that directors and producers of a  documentary have a lot of control of how the subject of the film is portrayed. This needs to be a strong consideration when people are […]

Reading Response Number 4

In John T. Caldwell’s, “Industrial Geography Lessons,” the meaning of space and its role in certain industry is explored. Space and its role in ranking systems, production, and a variety of social interactions is discussed. For example, Caldwell describes how space is used in media corporations and their clients’ relationship. Space is very important to […]

Locative Media Project Critique

I reviewed Ryan McCormick’s locative media project. I really liked a lot of what he did with the project. I really enjoy listening to music and isolating myself from the world with music. A sort of “outside-looking-in” effect. Ryan captures that really well with his project. He uses music as his main form of depiction […]

Blog #3

Right now I’m working on the locative media project. I haven’t started the project yet officially, but I have some ideas. Some of my favorite spaces in boulder are Andrew’s Hall and Chautauqua. It would be really fun and interesting to document either of those spaces. Chautauqua has a lot of cool natural sounds, and […]

Reading Response #3

In the article “Journal of Radio Studies,” by a multitude of authors, the evolution of radio is discussed. The paper uses a survey of 430 undergraduate students to show that young people are moving away from terrestrial radio towards alternatives like MP3 players. In our class we have discussed the evolution of media quite frequently. […]

Reading Response #2

In the paper “Picture This: the impact of mobile Camera Phones on Personal Photographic Practices,” the author, Lisa Gye discusses the convergence of mobile devices and cameras. She offers a perspective on how they affect the art of photo taking, personal photography, memories, social relationships, and several other things that have changed or advanced due […]

Found Footage Blog Post #2

This week I have been working on my found footage film project. I’ll be honest, so far I have not put that much time into the project itself. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the project and making a game plan in my head of how I’m going to go about completing […]

Photo-a-day blog post #1

The past two weeks I have been working on my photo-a-day assignment. I have experienced mixed results of ‘success’ and ‘failure.’ In my experience, I have found I am much better at taking pictures of objects and landscapes rather than people. One could see why the themes of family and college life might prove challenging […]