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Blog #5 – Khoury

As of today I am almost finished with my final portfolio website. I have been working on it a lot recently because I wanted to have plenty of time to study for my other finals. Today I completed the last final response question and will just need to look at everything to make sure there aren’t […]

Blog #4 – Khoury

I currently have no big projects I am working on for this class. The only assignment I am working on is the photo-a-day assignment. This week’s photo-a-day theme is people panoramic. For this theme, you have to go off campus and get panoramic pictures of people. The themes that make you go off campus are […]

Reading Response #5

The reading I chose was the Friedberg reading. Since there were no readings for week 11 I had to choose one from week 12. The Friedberg reading took a very interesting perspective on car windows and peaked my interest greatly. In the reading, the author Friedberg compares a car window to a TV screen, film […]

Locative Media App Review – George Khoury

My partner for the locative media project was Julia. In general, the project as a whole was very flawed and we both ran into many problems with creating the app. We both ran into a lot of errors in the app-editing process. My chord didn’t work but luckily my TA had one. Then, when I […]

Reading Response #4 – George Khoury

The reading I will be summarizing and analyzing is from last week by Michael Nitsche. The reading talks specifically about Machinima and the key elements of it. Nitsche starts out by explaining that the word Machinima is a combination of the words machine and cinema. As well as describing the origin of the word, he […]

Blog Post #3

The assignments I have been working on have been going fairly well. I have been keeping up with my photo-a-day assignment as well as my blog posts and reading responses. However, I have recently been looking at the handout for the Locative media project and it has made me a tad bit nervous. I haven’t […]

Reading Response #3

The reading from last week that I will be talking about is the Lisa Gye reading. The paper aims to, “…look at the current social uses of personal photography and to consider the impact that camera phones will have on these use” (279). The paper goes through different perspectives on how camera phones will change […]

Reading Response #2 – George Khoury

The reading I will be responding to is the Morozov reading. This reading talked about what a flaneur is. A flaneur is someone who would just go wander around the streets aimlessly. Morozov then brings up the idea of Cyberflanuerism. This is the idea of finding random places to go to on the internet. Back […]

Blog Post #2 – George Khoury

In this post I will be talking my Found Footage project. I just recently finished it and already have uploaded it to the google drive. The idea I originally had for the project ended up working perfectly. When I was first assigned this project, I wanted to take footage from the TV show “The Office.” […]

Blog Post #1 – George Khoury

Today I will be discussing my progress on my Photo-a-Day assignment. This assignment is not too tricky, but I find myself slipping up here and there. This weeks topic was family. This particular topic was a tad bit challenging considering I live on my own with no family. However, when I saw the topic of […]