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Orielle Heilicher Reading Response #4 – Warcraft Adventures

The thought of machinima is interesting. It has combined cinematic visualization and live performance by taking 3D games and repurposing its content to reach a larger audience. This is fascinating to me because it transforms video games sequences and cut scenes to reach a whole new audience. This relates to our class in that it […]

Blog Post #5 – Orielle Hellicher

My final portfolio has been coming along well and I have been brainstorming ideas to make it more creative. I have thought of the idea to use a link to my Instagram account for both my How-To video and for my Locative Media. I chose to do this because it was the easiest way to […]

Orielle Heilicher Blog #4

  I have not gotten too far into my final portfolio, but in my process of starting it, it has been hard to decide which picture to pick and write about what exactly they portray to me. The WordPress site in my opinion, is a little difficult at first to figure out, but it offers […]

Heilicher – Locative Media Review

For my locative media project I decided to use a guided meditation to augment the Norlin Library. I used created audio tracks with my own voice to guide the person listening through the space. I try and create a peaceful environment opposed to the harsh thought of the library or homework. The idea first came […]

Orielle Heilicher Blog #3

For my Locative Media Project I had the idea to use the Norlin Library for my space. I spend a lot of time in that space and I thought it would be good to use because it has consistent wifi and a quiet environment that I could manipulate in many ways. For my this is […]

Heilicher Reading Response #2 – Cyberflaneur

This reading really peaked my interest because of its reference to flaneurs, which were people who used to wander aimlessly with no purpose. It is interesting to me because today there is no concept of this wondering aimlessly today. The internet as this article pointed out is that this element of wandering is completely gone […]

Heilicher Blog Post #2

The How-To Instagram video at first seemed very challenging because of the broadness of the assignment. There are so many possible things I could do. I have thought of three things I could do either how to take a shot of tequila (No alcohol of course), how to write a paper and how to boulder. […]

Heilicher – Blog Post #1

Both the Photo – A – Day assignment number 1 and 2 were fairly easy for me. The first one, the college and dorm life, is relatively easy because I am surrounded by this theme on a daily basis. The second theme, although slightly more difficult because my family is not here, was still not […]