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Blog #4 Harris Freedman

I think that the final portfolio project is a great way to bring an end to this class. Since the beginning of the semester, we have completed several projects involving various forms of media, including video, audio, and photographs. I found the photo-a-day project to be pretty interesting. I thought most of the themes were […]

Blog #5 Harris Freedman

I have enjoyed working on my final portfolio project so far. As I looked at the prompt for the assignment, I decided that the best course of action would be to complete the writing segments (bios, descriptions, etc.) in Word documents before finally piecing my website together through WordPress, Wix, or some other site building […]

Locative Media App Review for Shawn Mitchell by Harris Freedman

Shawn’s locative media app was extremely fun and creative. It started right in front of Mackey Auditorium with an interesting introduction. For the recordings, Shawn used a sample of jungle and rain noises as he introduced the setting. His locative media app put the listener in the shoes of a lost jungle explorer. I apparently had […]

Harris Freedman – Reading Response #5

The chapter “The Psychology of Rhetorical Images” by Charles A. Hill brought up several interesting points. This reading explained how visuals in media are used to persuade or shock audiences into paying attention to something. Even if what is being displayed does not affect the viewers personally, media outlets will use rhetoric images to tap […]

Harris Freedman – Reading Response #4

Henry Lowood’s chapter “Warcraft Adventures” discussed the creation and spread of Warcraft/World of Warcraft machinima. The chapter describes machinima as, “movies made with the software used to develop and play computer games” (Lowood, 4). The World of Warcraft games set up a perfect foundation for consumers to make their own form of media through the game. […]

Freedman Reading Response #3 – UPDATE

The article, “‘What Happened to our Audience?’: Radio and New Technology Uses and Gratifications Among Young Adult Users, by Alan B. Albarran discussed several interesting points. The main idea behind this article is the abandonment of AM and FM radio by young adults. Due to the frequent advances in technology (especially for entertainment), most people […]

Freedman Reading Response #2 – UPDATE

Evgeny Morozov’s article, “The Death of the Cyberflaneur,” brought up several interesting points on how the internet is adapting. At first thought, one would think think that advancements in the world wide web like faster page loading would be solely beneficial. But Morozov has a very interesting take on this. He claims that there was […]

Harris Freedman Blog 1 – UPDATE

I found the Photo-a-Day project to be very interesting so far. It’s pretty cool to see how different everyone’s posts turn out even though were are all given the same assignment and theme. With each theme, I try to express who I am as much as I can through my photography. For the “college/dorm life” […]

Blog #2 Freedman – UPDATE

I am still comparing a few ideas for the Instagram How-To project, however I am very eager to get it started and see how it comes out. The first idea that popped into my head was how to make a beat with a MIDI and computer, but I then realized that 8 seconds was way […]

Reading Response #1-AO Scott- Harris Freedman- UPDATE

I found the reading, The Screening of America by A.O. Scott, to be pretty intriguing. In this article, Scott discussed the ways in which our mediums for viewing films have changed and adapted over the years, as well as whether this evolution is a good or bad thing. Scott starts the article by explaining how […]