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Blog Post #5

I have begun to work on my website, creating tangible progress no matter how hard or difficult it is to navigate WordPress’s awkward and geriatric online infrastructure. I have made websites before, including my photography website, sameatonphotography.com, but all of them have been on squarespace which I think is a lot more fluid of a […]

Blog 2 How to Vine/Self-Portrait

I have never used Vine before so this assignment was a lot of fun trying to understand and learn this new software, it wasn’t that hard though. I have made a few vines so far, but none in my opinion are good enough to turn in, so I am still creating more. So far I […]

Blog 4

So far I am still in the brainstorming portion of the website/final project of the year. It has proven far more difficult than I previously imagine, creating a overarching theme that would interest myself and others, while still remaining on task. I am especially struggling with the incorporation of my photos and locative media project […]

Locative Media

I am reviewing my own project since my partner’s project wasn’t available for me to review in time, I emailed you about this Sophie. So, my project was from the perspective of a poor male child walking to attend a gladiator match at the colosseum. The whole thing includes two ambient tracks that attempt to […]

Reading Response #5 Longford

The reading was primarily focused a locative media project very similar to the ones we made, that occurred in a Montreal park. The project, termed MCDN incorporated many different elements and mediums to ensure that they would not be limited in how they could engage the viewer and how the viewer could engage the space. […]

Reading Response #4 Lowood

The Lowood paper primarily outlines the relationship between community and the game developers, as well as the history of world of warcraft, and specifically the available medium for spectatorship. The most distinguished concept of the paper was the relationship between the “community player” (a player who participates in game outside of just playing it, which […]

Reading Response #3 Ingrid Erickson

In the reading last week, Ingrid Erickson outlines the prevalence of more mobile photography devices and how they enable users to document our world. In addition to the rising prevalence of mobile photography devices, websites like Flickr and other photography sharing website aid users to continue documenting. The combination of handheld cameras and photography sharing […]

Blog 3 Locative Media

This project was engaging and challenged me creatively, to create a piece of work that was easy to use and interested the listener. I ultimately decided upon attempting to re-imagine the football stadium as the Colosseum, and have the listener walk around the stadium in the mind of a poor Roman citizen who did not […]

Reading Response #2 Lisa Guy

In eleven pages, Lisa Guy outlined the emergence of the camera and it’s effect, as well as the effect camera phones have on our lives. One of her main points, and the idea that was left echoing in my head after reading her paper, was the idea of remembering our lives through photographs. A portion […]

Photo A Day (Blog #1) – Sam Eaton

  So far I’ve enjoyed the photo a day assignment. So much so that I haven’t touched my dslr recently since I have been shooting so much on my iPad. Shooting with a high specs camera sometimes can cover up the various errors I make, and while using this iPad, I’ve had to work harder […]